Refund policy

Under MOYA's refund policy, unused items can be returned within 14 days of purchase as described below.

Only unused goods can be returned, goods are considered unused until at least one of the following situations occurs.

  • You download a picture of your item from
  • You use goods purchased from on social media or similar sites. It does not matter whether it is a downloaded image or just a printscreen of your goods, nor does it matter what kind of website or form of sharing you use (permanent post, temporary post).
  • However you materialize (e.g. by printing) the goods purchased on
  • Any other way you handle the purchased goods as long as this activity can be seen as use.

If you wish to return goods purchased on please check if you have not used them and if not contact us via Email must be sent within 14 days of purchase. Later requests will be rejected.



Last updated: [13.1.2022]