How To Use

Learn about all the ways your digital products can work for you!

AR Merch

Physical meets digital in our custom-made merch with AR implication. Turn ordinary t-shirts, pins and tote bags into dynamic products with amazing filters that bring any physical asset to life! Show off your cool products with the hashtag #digitalmoya


All of our assets can be optimized for use in any Metaverse space. Buy and show-off digital products within the virtual sphere. We'll help you have the best style, coolest interior and most enviable living spaces!

Photo Sharing

We help you show off your digital pieces on your social media. Just send us a picture of yourself and we'll fit your products to the image in just a few days. You'll receive a fully-tailored image to your inbox that you can share with your friends andywhere you'd like.

AR Filter

Let your digital products come to life virtually. With the help of Augmented Reality technology, we design filters for your unique products. With these tools you can dress yourself in your latest purchases, sit beside your pet tiger or decorate your home. Let your digital vision merge with your real life.

Web-view AR App

Immerse yourself in a digital world with our AR app. Collect and trade products in your own unique virtual showroom. Interact with products and place them in physical spaces with Augmented Reality technology.

Digital Collection

Organize your purchases into a unique collection in your account page. Save your unique items and place your collectibles just like you would in a real showroom.