What are digital assets?

Digital assets, virtual goods, digital products - these are just some of the ways we call products that are created in the digital world. Some of these goods may have a physical counterpart, while others exist only in digital form. The format of the product can vary, but generally we create and work with 3D models and 2D graphics.

What can I do with a virtual or digital product?

Ok, you purchased a virtual dress - now what? Our platform allows you to choose from several features: a digital photo for sharing, your very own AR Filter for social media, a fully-customized virtual collection page and web-AR view of your product in real time. Choose all or a combination of options in our package selection.

I'm having trouble picking a feature package, what do you recommend?

While we love all our immersive features, the most popular choice (especially for beginner users of digital goods) is the photo sharing option. Simply send us a picture of yourself or your space and our innovative AI tool perfectly maps the digital item to your body or in the space. And that's it! You're ready for sharing with friends and on socials! Remember to use #MOYAdigital on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our page. Have fun!

There's no shipping for digital goods, so shouldn't I receive them instantly?

While buying digital goods saves you days if not weeks of shipping time (not to mention costs), we may still take up to 24 hours to deliver each product to your mailbox. This is because each asset (especially for photo sharing) undergoes a strict evaluation process from our development and design team before release. We want our customers to be absolutely happy with their purchases. If you have any issues, please don't hesitate to contact us.