Vision & Mission

MOYA is the first digital retailer that connects brands and consumers in the transition of digital ownership and experience. We believe in the power of AR and VR technology to completely revolutionize the future of retail. Through our partnerships with brands, celebrities and Non-profit organizations, we are dedicated to building a digital future that is authentic and accessible. Digital ownership is not only sustainable, but also opens the door to a world of creativity. Join us in creating a digital future for all!


At MOYA, we believe in providing an array of solutions for consumers of digital assets. Our unique platform allow customers to choose from several features when buying our products. Our most popular choice is a digital photo for sharing, created by our innovative AI tool. Digital items are rendered to fit your body and the space around you, while still keeping that incredibly unique look. A personalized AR filter is also the perfect solution for virtual try-ons of branded goods. Our fully-customized virtual collection page is the prime choice for collectors of digital goods. View your purchases in a digital closet or even in a virtual gallery (coming soon!). Purchasing of 3D furniture and animals requires the use of our web-AR viewer. Place your product in your room and see it come to life in a physical space. Choose all or a combination of options when you purchase a digital asset and dream digital!

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